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We are often asked, "Why Daylily?" - which is a fantastic question!

To answer, we need only look at the daylily flower -

the perfect metaphor for the graphic design business.


Hemerocallis, or daylilies are often referred to as "the perfect perennial". Hemerocallis, literally translated, is "beauty" and "day", referring to the bloom of the plant lasting only one day. Perennial means "through the years", as it refers to a plant that is present through all seasons or is regularly repeated or renewed. The daylily flower is widely known for it's impressive rainbow of brilliantly colored blooms. They are an adaptable plant that will flourish in almost every climate and are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

How is this a metaphor of graphic design?

Many graphic design projects stem from "one day". A flyer or program for an event, tickets to a concert, a resume for a job interview, an invitation to a wedding, perhaps an ad that catches the right eye on the right day. Our clients' graphic design projects often times repeat every year for an annual event or several times throughout the year.

Creating designs involving beautiful colors that span the spectrum is the base of graphic design and one of the favorite aspects of our

work. We love the use of color to convey feeling and add impact to a design to best serve our client's goals.


We understand the need to be adaptable throughout the creative process of each project; that no two projects are the same. No project is too big or too small!


Our projects span many states as we often work remotely for our clients. As technology morphs and offers more opportunity for connecting, creativity and print options, we strive to bring those fresh ideas to our clients.

Allow Daylily to bring beauty to your day!

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